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Driffield secondary school 1985 entry

Posted: Thu May 03, 2012 11:54 pm
by Pettrina
hadnt thought of driffield in a long time as i left 26 years ago when i was 11! but someone from driff contacted me today trying to track down my mum and childhood memories are gradually coming back. i do wonder what its like there nowadays, i remember the bell hotel with a very tall owner - george, and horse riding in beverley,8 months into my first year at driffield secondary my form teacher had the biggest hairiest eyebrows ive ever seen, and i can picture the hockey team coach now, feeding the ducks on river head and climbing muddy hills on the riverside, waking up to ducks in my neighbour's (carol)garden and a street party when i was about 3, must have been 1978 jubilee (anyone got any photos of riverhead? my parents pics were lost in a fire unfortunately) but not a lot else. can anyone remind me what it was like? and would love to hear how its grown...