Hello Driff!

If you used to live in Driffield, and have moved on, why not drop a quick note and let everyone know how you are getting on.

Postby ronbudzak » Thu Sep 25, 2003 7:47 pm

Just discovered this fascinating site. remember Alan Bremner and Candy very well. also Phillip Dutton Dave MacMillan, Carole Norton.
painting the old raf building pink, that was an expensive laugh. and the stories about Harry Benson? What a man. Ross Weekes was my form teacher in 1970.
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Postby dgshanks » Mon Nov 15, 2004 8:17 pm

Hells Bells! This is like the Twilight Zone..I was at Driff on the camp 68-71 (age 13) before my old man got posted to Cyprus..where to start?

David Dervey (his mum was a nurse right?...) and Les Shipley, little Michael Pugh (fell off a swing at my house), The Makins (Alan in my year), Stewart Dutton (football night and day, punched me in the eye once, lived round the corner) and big brother Phil, The Firmagers(!!!), Alison Ludlum (snogging in the school library, sorry Alison, no I'm not), Helen Oxtoby, Paul Wright, Carole Parker (liked her, went out with her for 24 hours, got dumped), Petra Robbins( liked her too, got dumped in 12 hours), good mate big Steve Craven, big Mick Robson (good mates), Andrew Robson
( white sandy hair?), Mark Jagger. Michael Tice, Andrew Towse, William Rowntree, Vincent Orzeweski, er, er..I was in Miss Uncles class 1S,..Youth club on the camp, harassing the bus conductor on the bus, junior school also, YC etc etc.

Back in UK after 15 years in Hong Kong with family . Need to lie down now.

David Shanks
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Postby paulglad » Wed Aug 16, 2006 10:15 am

Hi Dave
Vinnie has now got his own tool hire buissnnes in driffield.He is also the first team football coach down at our local football club.
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Postby Alan Coates » Thu Aug 31, 2006 4:55 pm

Mentioned in the first entry on this topic I managed to get in touch with Mike Newton and have also been in touch with Allen Bremner. I haven't managed to get in touch with either 'Sid' Thompson or Ian Makin, both of whom I remember well. My mother still lives in Driffield and I get there occasionally to see her. My sister Brenda now lives near York, My brother Eric lives in Nafferton and my younger brother Brian lives in Beverley.
Alan Coates
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Postby avp » Mon Sep 08, 2008 7:24 pm

seems there are not a lot of people know that. do you still frequent Driffield on line? My brothers still live in the area as do my sisters. Must be something good keep us here! The Rex club memories, the Keys upstairs!!!. the Buck still going strong! The tiger still roaring But still need that OOmph in town any suggestions? It does not matter how much older we get,we still need that (oh my God I remember you)hitting th big time when it comes to being your average elder. but brain still functioning. (you would not believe the times I have written that sentence) but hey I am I said and no-one else. Catch you later.
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